1. 採用高檔Tactel®超細纖維,為皮膚提供舒適的觸感和潮濕調節。
  2. Tactel®纖維具有吸汗性能,乾爽速度比天然纖維快3倍,比棉花高5倍。
  3. 時尚,純粹,柔軟和高效能。
  4. 減緩雙腿的疲勞,以及治療疼痛和靜脈疾病。

Comfortmed medical compression stocking provides pressure to the veins with 100% pressure at ankle area. Compression lessens gradually when it comes to calf(70%) and thigh(40%) region. The characteristic of graduated pressure on the hosiery advance all veins be compressed in a normal and healthy way.